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The 16th edition of our biannual conference, has been celebratedin the island of Capri (Italy) from September 10th to September 14th, 2023.

We would like to thank all the attendees, authors, session organizers and members of the Organizing Committee for their continuous support and cooperation in the successful organization of our congress. A special thanks goes, of course, also to our sponsors and exhibitors who believed in the value of our conference and decided to support us and to our official partner and supporting institutions.

This year we received a great feedback in terms of attendance hitting a "new record" of 350 registered participants, receiving lot of positive feedback for the organization and the contents delivered and this massive participation represents the biggest reward to our efforts.

Following this great success, wWe are very proud to annouce that the next edition of our congress is scheduled for 14th - 18th September 2025 .We will be once again in the wonderful island of Capri, so we invite you to save the date and be part of the ICE 2025 with us.

Dr. Bianca Maria Vaglieco
Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni
ICE Conference Chairs


Conference Chairs

Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni
CAR-OSU (Center for Automotive Research of the Ohio StateUniversity)

Dr. Bianca Maria Vaglieco
STEMS (Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie per l’Energia e la Mobilità Sostenibili)

Technical Committee

Dr. Eng. Ezio Mancaruso | STEMS - CNR
Dr. Eng. Silvana Di Iorio | STEMS - CNR

Scientific Committee

Please click here to check the complete list of colleagues who are part of our Scentific Committee


ICE100 | Powertrain System Modeling & Controls
0-D and 1-D Modelingand Numerics
> Multi-Dimensional Engine Modeling
> Combustion and Flow Diagnostics
> Engine Management and Control

ICE200 | Engine Combustion
Combustion In Spark Ignition Engines . Basic, alternative fuels& Abnormal Combustion
> Combustion in CI Engines: Basic & alternative fuel
> Homogenous Charge  Partially, Premixed Compression Ignition& Dual-Fueled Engines
> Combustion in Hydrogen Fueled Engines

ICE300 | Fuels and Lubricant Technologies
> Fuel Injectionand Sprays
> Alternative and Advanced Fuels
> Automotive Lubricants

ICE400 | Mobile Emissions
Exhaust Emission Control: Systems New Developments and modeling
> Emissions Measurement and Testing
> PM Non-Exhaust emissions
> Emissions from Combustion Sources

ICE500 | New Engines, Components, Actuators, & Sensors
> CI & SI Engines Technology
> Thermal Systems Management
> Thermal Systems Modeling and Simulation
> Alternative Engine Architectures High Efficiency Engines Concepts

ICE600 | Advanced Mobility: Hybrid and Electric Powertrains, and Eco-CAV
> Advanced Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Powertrains
> Controls for Hybrids and Electric Powertrains
> Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Applications
> Range Extending Engines
> Battery and Energy Storage Systems forElectric Mobility
> Powertrain Adaptation for Connectivity and Automation
> AI and Machine Learning
> Physical, virtual and mixedtest methods for efficient powertrain concepts
> Smart Energy Systems


The conference is organized by SAENA , the first SAE International section in Italy, which has currently more than 600 members. SAENA cooperates with engineering schools to provide a link between education and industry. Its main mission is stimulating the technological and scientific progress in the fields of land, sea and airspace transportation.

The mission of the Center for Automotive Research is to provide world-class education for the next generation of automotive industry leaders, through on-campus learning and continuous professional development; serve as a catalyst for innovation in automotive technology through collaborative, interdisciplinary research; and support economic development, regionally and nationally.

STEMS represents a research hub for sustainable energy and mobility issues with over one hundred researchers. STEMS research activities are carried out with the aim of giving effective responses to the challenges related to climate, energy and mobility that are closely linked and must be addressed with a holistic approach, also with regard to their implications for citizens and in general for society as a whole.

Eni is an integrated energy company with over 30.000 employees in 62 countries around the world. The Company launched a new strategy in 2020, which it accelerated in subsequent years, with the aim of achieving the target of zero net emissions by 2050and providing a variety of fully decarbonised products, combining environmental and financial sustainability, with a strong focus on technological leadership built on years of research and innovation.

The recent integration of renewables, retail and electric mobility in Plenitude and creation of an entity dedicated to sustainable mobility in the near future, with the integration of biorefineries, service stations and ride sharing activities, are some of the main levers that will be engaged in the decarbonisation process.

With its presence throughout the world, Eni meets the short and long-term challenges facing the energy sector. Thanks to its consolidated alliances with producer countries, Eni contributes to an increasing diversity of supply sources, working inclose synergy with local partners and institutions, and offering its customers a wide range of energy products and services that are increasingly sustainable.

Official Partner


ICE2023 is a scientific gathering designed to promote the cooperation between industry, research laboratories and universities. The conference encourages the exchange of scientific and practical knowledge on the main theme of the vehicle and it is a perfect context to promote your company, discover new commercial opportunities and generate new links.

If you want to support ICE2023 as sponsor and/or become a partner you can choose one of our partnership packages that are reported in the SPONSOR DOSSIER. Your involvement or contribution would be greatly appreciated and it can be tailored according to your business needs.

Eng. Silvana Di Iorio
STEMS | SAENA | +39 081 71.77.225

Dr. Paolo Saccomanno
ICE 2023 | Organizing Secretariat | + 39 348 03.66.853



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